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ISD Self Defense San Diego Facility

International Self Defense (ISD) is a premiere method of martial arts instruction.
The school was founded in 1993 by Nick Mechling and Chris Mechling is located centrally in San Diego County.

ISDMMA has convenient class times to give you the opportunity to reach your training goals.
Contact us to get started developing skills while improving your overall level of physical condition. was created in an effort to help you understand more about the styles and methods of training used in our school of martial arts. The best way to find out if what we do is what you want, is to come in and meet the teachers, visit classes, and participate. Of course for many students interested in our instruction distance can be a problem – please contact us on how to setup intensive training.

We offer many classes at the training center for adults. If you are interested and can’t find all of the information you want here, give us a call or come to the school, and we will answer your questions personally.

Our school teaches several martial arts styles and provides an excellent environment for training. Initially we concentrate on three primary areas: self-defense, physical conditioning, and flexibility. As students improve and develop, many other benefits are gained from practice. To try out our classes, call us to arrange a time to come in.

Our History

ISD has a twenty year history of helping individuals to improve themselves through the martial arts. With generations of students proving the value of their efforts through changes in their lives and the people around them. ISD also preserves the techniques and traditions of a number of styles of the martial arts for future generations of practitioners.

Many members of our school have participated in the martial arts competitively standing out in events throughout the world. The training center is a place for people of all experience levels to improve and grow as martial artists and as people.

Competitive Opportunities

We provide our members with the necessary techniques and skill sets to be competent to participate at a high level in any of the styles we teach. The skills are developed through training in individual technical classes as well as our ISD team training sessions.

ISD team members often compete in different martial arts forms such as Muay Thai, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.  Our teachers have worked with reknowned champions throughout the world in refining their skills.

Free Intro Class

This opportunity for an introduction to ISD techniques and basics governing the practice of martial arts. This class is a preparatory experience serving those whose intend to enroll at the training center and participate on a regular basis.

Introductory classes are open to walk-ins and are conducted each day we are open to maximize availability for new members.


Potential members are incouraged to arrive around 15min prior to the class time with athletic apparel (for example shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt). Please bring your own towel.

To attend a trial lesson you are welcome to come in at the scheduled time but please call or email to inform us of your attendance. If you aren’t able to attend at the scheduled times please call us (858) 523-8381.

For cost information please come to the training center and speak with one of the enrollment directors.

The training facility is located at 12657 Poway Road (Between Pomerado and Silverlake on the South side of the road.)
Park at the rear of the building and knock on the back door for admittance.

Learn about our founders & trainers Nick and Chris Mechling.

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