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Chris Mechling & Nick Mechling

In Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Russia and other countries the Mechling brothers found peers, fighters and teachers who, like they, had grown up training and mastering their art. The brothers trained and fought with members of all different forms of martial arts. Returning to their International Self Defense center in San Diego California they realized over time how to improve training to match international competitive standards. Using the essentials that their father and Fred Villari taught them, they unified international forms of the martial arts with correct posture, footwork and body movement.


Their efforts in Judo were aided by Iizumi Sensei one of the few remaining teachers from Mifune and Kotani Sensei of the Kodokan. Teaching together for many years the brothers refined their Judo technique.

During this same period they also worked closely with Saekson Janjira and Samart Payakaroon, two of the world’s greatest Thai boxers. Saekson and Samart mentored them in coaching Muay Thai and the fine points of the style.

Nick and Chris Mechling also developed a deep understanding of the Jiu-Jitsu world staying close with Denora Sensei of the Kodokai and other renown Jiu-Jitsu masters.

The Mechling Brothers have distinguished themselves with their knowledge of the principles and techniques of Judo. As teachers of the “fine points” of Judo they give students as well as advanced practioners of the martial arts the knowledge, skills and drilling practice that enable them to apply the techniques of Judo against even much larger opponents. The brothers have also produced an instructional DVD set “softJUDO” which is now available internationally.

They have been recognized as instructors by Japanese, Russian, Georgian, English, German and Brazilian Grandmasters of grappling arts. As technicians and teachers they work constantly with their students to develop their understanding of the art and how to apply the principle of “gentleness” into their lives.

They are top representatives of Grandmaster John Denora of Jiu- Jitsu and Jin Iizumi Shihan of Judo. In addition to various awards and the recognition they have received from the community they have also recently shared their knowledge with the world in an instructional video series with Jin Iizumi.


The brothers have practiced Jiu-Jitsu since 1985. They are ranked by the American Jiu-Jitsu Association and Jiu- Jitsu America organizations as well as the Daito-Ryu USA Association. They have given demonstrations of Jiu-Jitsu before Police, Military, Grandmasters of Jiu- Jitsu, Internationally and at colleges and Martial Arts Hall of Fame events.

They have traveled internationally representing Jiu-Jitsu visiting and exchanging with champions of SAMBO, Judo, Greco-Roman, Collegiate, Freestyle Wrestling, Japanese, American and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They have taught civilians and fighters how to make the “gentle art” work for them in diverse situations.


Recognized even in Thailand, the Mechling brothers were some of the first Muay Thai teachers in San Diego- beginning to teach the art in 1992. Originally certified by Master V.Phon, the brothers are currently members of Team Janjira Muay Thai.

Having intensively trained in over twenty gyms in Thailand, their style and training techniques will prepare you for the ring, street, cage or just life. Nick and Chris have trained their students to a level where they are instantly recognizable as professional level fighters in Muay Thai.

Many have competed in Thailand and have distinguished themselves as true Thai-style boxers. Representing the USA on the King’s birthday they have served the US Muay Thai community as ambassadors of “goodwill”. They have led Muay Thai seminars inside and outside the United States and are well regarded within the Muay Thai community.

The Mechling brothers’ students won titles in the martial arts world and became successful as individuals. The brothers became recognized in each community for their efforts. Now after many years of development they are leading group classes in INTERNATIONAL SELF DEFENSE as well as teaching seminars to interested groups throughout the world.

Young Masters

Prospective martial arts students take one look at Instructors Nick Mecling, 23, and his brother, Chris, 19, and become skeptical about learning from anyone so young.

The Mechlings are black belts in several martial arts styles and became instructors before they entered high school. When Bryan Asch retired, he turned his school over to Nick and Chris when they were 14 and 10, respectively. Their father, also named Nick, handled the bills while his young sons taught the classes.

Master Instructors

Nick and Chris Mechling teach competitors, law-enforcement agencies, military groups and martial artists around the world. They have traveled teaching and demonstrating through more than twenty countries. While balancing local and international instruction they have developed several instructional martial arts programs that with the help of their own masters have brought to the public. Titles include “Lighting Euro Karate“, “Legendary Soft Judo” and “American Street Combat

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The ISD system works on each of the three Martial Arts everyday; I don’t think that I would be able to compete at the level I do now without it.

Jake Hesselgrave

When I come in to training in the ISD system I know that I will be receiving instruction and working out with other students that are just as good as any school anywhere else or even better.

Tizoc Uribe

In joining, I have been able to train and fight Muay Thai and Judo directly in Thailand and Japan, enter numerous competitions, and sharpen every aspect of myself as a martial artist; all this in a little over a year.

Kent Yoshimura

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